The Bell Beat is a Detroit based rock band founded and fronted by singer-songwriter, Randy Bishop. The band started in July 2003 when Bishop began writing and performing outside of his previous band, Document. Like most bands, membership has seen quite a few changes over the years. Currently, the band consists of Bishop, drummer Joel Pearson (joining in 2006), and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Marina Trejo (joining in 2009).

The Bell Beat released their debut album The Carrot Chase in July 2007 (while named "Sh! The Octopus"). This was followed by Our Manderley in January of 2011, and Sandwalk Wood in December of 2018.

Due to The Bell Beat's universal recognition as one of the best rock bands of all time, they have suffered from relentless tabloid attention. Pressure from the media and music industry has driven them to near total seclusion. The band continually refuses most interviews and live appearances. "I value privacy over fame" Bishop shared in 2015. "The role of an artist is to whine about things. Are you still reading this crap? Scroll down and play the music already..."